Confederate Monument Relocation Fund

Bastrop County Monument Relocation Committee

UPDATE: We are over halfway to our goal - leaving $22,000 remaining!


We need your help to relocate the confederate monuments from the Bastrop County Courthouse lawn. Your gift in any amount will help move the Obelisk and the Sayers memorial to an appropriate new location within the county. We need gifts both large and small to reach our goal of $50,000.

The relocation effort has two goals: (1) help Bastrop County promote an environment of racial equality and (2) ensure that the history these two monuments represent is preserved.

Because of the age and size of the monuments, relocating them is not a small task. Engineers and experienced contractors  are required to ensure a successful move. We are committed to raising the funds from private sources; taxpayer money will not be used.

Thank you for your commitment to preserving the history these monuments represent and promoting racial equality for all.

Meet the committee.

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